agriculture or farming machinery

agriculture or farming machinery

agriculture or farming machinery

Shivam singh / September 22, 2018

agriculture or farming machinery

That said, most small-scale farmers have many options but little cash, so it’s hard to even know where to begin. Look at these numerous pieces of farm equipment and gauge whether you need them to make your farm a more efficient and—let’s be honest—a more fun place to work.

There never was a more broad category of farm equipment than this one. If only choosing a tractor were as simple as choosing a color—though many farmers with brand allegiance will tell you it is.

Tractors  are available in sizes appropriate for farmers with 1 acre all the way up to those working 1,000 acres or more. As versatile as these pieces of farm equipment are, a tractor is a pretty common-sense purchase for small-scale farmers. You want one that has the right amount of horsepower and the right hitch rating for the work you plan to do with it. The University of Georgia Extension offers a guide to determining the size of tractor you need for your farm. Hobby Farms has guides including Things to Consider When Buying a Tractor and Tractor Types to Consider for Your Farm.

Three general types of hay balers exist: round balers, square balers and large square balers. These are costly investments, and with all of their moving parts, they require maintenance, so it’s important to be confident that you’ll use your baler before you write your check.

  • Round balers

    pick up hay from the field and roll it into round bales, then wrap it with netting or twine.

  • Square balers

    are available in various sizes. The right square baler for your farm depends on how much acreage you bale. You can find balers that tie bales in twine, in wire or in both. A bale thrower is an add-on that makes stacking your bales on the wagon a whole lot easier.

Large square balers are designed for large farms. Unless you bale hundreds of acres, standard square bales or round bales are probably better options for you.

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