The site is  preservative about human values and not to harmful for any community. 




The world Irony is an appropriate website that seeks to elevate our moral core , sometimes called universal ethics. World Irony provides a platform to find and discuss information about virtue that are agreed by human beings which are generally necessary and applied to all human beings.

You can search or input quotes ,proverbs,meditation,stories,poem and essay from traditions. World irony provides, all you want.

It’s contain quotations all about you feel and want to share someone special.The passage referred  about thought of  joy,love,happiness,sad,emotions,surprise,anger,fear,patriotism etc.

 you will be able to access any quotation from the website and if you want to add any quotation you can create a blog and post your thoughts on the website.Pictures or mementos that includes quotes and stories you find powerful. Tangible items likes these give you ways to share some of your most deeply held values with others.


The purpose of World Irony is to inspire and shed light on humanity and moral core. It means the convergence of our religious and secular wisdom traditions emerging culture. Many time we define ourselves in term of our differences. But the truth is that some of our deepest concern and highest values transcend the boundaries of culture and tradition .Early in childhood, we even walk and talk the moral emotions,empathy,shame,and guilty begin to emerge. We also generally agree about what kind of qualities we seeks in our friends,our relatives,our leaders and ourselves. These instincts,emotions, understandings and agreements form our moral core. This moral core is turn serves well-being of the intricate web of life around us and,foremost,the well-beings of humans within web.

We want to motivate you and want to change your opinion about life. You can realize how life is running if you want to enjoy  the life you have to change your opinion toward life to maintain a constant flow.


The World Irony belongs to all who used to contribute to it. Members have ability to create personal world irony pages that include their favorite quotes and stories and so on. A personal world irony page can also includes content that authored by that member. Over time, we seeks to build to build a diverse community of steward reflecting the various traditions of the users. These steward will also create personal world irony pages, so that their cores values are visible to our members and users.



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